Spring 2010:
The Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment
Attended the spring 2010 game production as lead Animator on "Pombacont"
Concept/Character development and 3D animation.

Fall 2010:
Short film Productions at The National Film School of Denmark
Worked on "Meian" a 7 minut animated short by Director Maremi Watanabe.
2D animation.
Worked on "Last hope for mission doom" a 7 minut animated short by Director Petter Madegård
3D animation

August 2008 - Pressent time:
Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation at The Animation Workshop.
Bachelor education with focus on character animation for film and computergames.

January 2008 - June 2008:
The Drawing Akademy at The Animation Workshop.
Classical drawing course.

January 2007 - June 2007
Art course at Krabbesholm højskole

Spring and summer 2003:
Technical College Basis-education at RTS
Multimedia animator education

Fall and winther 2002
Media graphics basis-education at KTS